About Our Services

Basic Laundry Service

We wash, dry, and fold, returning neatly folded and wrapped in plastic, all the laundry, up to 20 lbs., a student can stuff into a bag which we provide. Service does not include blankets and comforters which are done at additional charge billed to student account.

Dress Shirt Service

Launders, presses & returns dress shirts on a hanger… (Shirts requiring coldwater, or labeled for dry cleaning only as well as polos, silk, or flannel shirts require Dry Cleaning Services at Dry Cleaning prices).

Combination Service (Best Value)

This provides students with a combination of our laundry service and our shirt service.

Dry Cleaning Service

Dry cleaning is charged on a per item basis. This charge is the cost to establish the account, and allows an equal amount of credit towards dry cleaning. Dry cleaning costs above this amount will be billed to the student.

It’s Delivered right to you

1. Off campus pick up and delivery.
2. Pick up / Drop off to student dorms.
3. We delivery to all Greek Houses too.

Tucker’s Guarantee

1. If for any reason, services are not satisfactory, Tucker’s will refund money prorated for services rendered to date. Requests for money back must be received in writing prior to the fourth Monday of the academic year. No refunds will be issued at any other time.
2. Tucker’s will replace or pay replacement value of any garment which is shown to have been destroyed or ruined by the cleaning process.

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