How does laundry pickup work?

We bring to the student’s room a day or two before the first pickup, (which is during the first week of classes): laundry bags (bags are color coded and labeled for the type of service being provided and student location), information sheets, tickets, and a schedule.

The student puts laundry into a coded bag (supplied by us) tagged with his/her name, location, and contact number. (For the dry cleaning and shirt pressing service the student needs to use a ticket and for the dry cleaning he/she need to indicate the number of each kind of item being sent (IE 2 sweaters, 2 pants, etc). The bag then needs to be dropped at the pickup location prior to the pickup time. While we request that the student be at his room for the return, frankly, very few ever are. Since all the dorms are carefully patrolled and always locked this has never been a problem.

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