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How does laundry pickup work?

We bring to the student’s room a day or two before the first pickup, (which is during the first week of classes): laundry bags (bags are color coded and labeled for the type of service being provided and student location). We send a text or email with additional information.

The student puts laundry into a coded bag (supplied by us) tagged with his/her name, location, and contact number. (For the dry cleaning the student needs to use a ticket and indicate the number of each kind of item being sent (IE 2 sweaters, 2 pants, etc). The bag then needs to be dropped at the pickup location in the dorm prior to the pickup time. Since all the dorms are carefully patrolled and always locked this has never been a problem.

How often is the laundry done?

Weekly. Tucker’s picks up each week of classes and returns the laundry the very next day to the student’s dorm. (Yes, we do have access into the dorm but not into the student’s room). Your student’s laundry is separated into lights and darks, washed separately using a hypo-allergic detergent, then the entire load is dried, folded, and packed in plastic.

Do we need to label the clothes?

No, labeling is not required.

Will 20 lbs be enough to do all my laundry?

We have been doing this for years and 20 pounds per week has been adequate for over 98% of the students. Occasionally, we do have students that subscribe for a 25 pound service for a slight additional charge or we bill for use if your student uses more then the allotted 20 pounds.

What happens if we miss a pickup?

Nothing. Are pricing is actually set up with numbers based on a certain percentage of time that some students will not use the service. We discount the price from the price we charge other customers that bring their laundry to us and pick it up.

What’s the cost of dry cleaning?

Last year the price was generally $7.60 per item, with overcoats, dresses, and bedspreads running more. We do not actually do the dry cleaning but take dry cleaning to a high quality local dry cleaner for processing. We will charge what the dry cleaner charges his regular customers and we add approximately 75 cents to each item for our cost of pick-up and delivery. Dry cleaning is generally returned the next day– just as the laundry is.

What happens if my clothing is damaged?

Tucker’s will to replace or pay replacement value of any garment which is shown to have been destroyed or ruined by the cleaning process.

Is it safe to order online?

Yes. Orders through our website are secured and guaranteed by Paypal– one of the largest and most secure online e-commerce providers. If for any reason you’d prefer to pay by mail, this option is also available to you.

What if I don’t like the service?

If for any reason, services are not satisfactory, Tucker’s will refund money prorated for services rendered to date. Requests for money back must be received in writing prior to the fourth Monday of the academic year.

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